Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hi again! Another Busy term as you can clearly make out, here is a chart to show you what we have on in This overflowing term.

Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Gala!!( Friday if you want to come)
Stream care
Big day out
Interschool Athletics
Swimming starts

Cycle safety
Genius hour sharing

Yr.6 leavers assembly

Hour of code
Last day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

living world

Living world!!!

Next week is the deadline for our LIVING WORLD proget. Living world is a bit like skys the limet ( if you know what that is ) Anyway we have 3 progets to do. One is art, one is writeing and one is math. Here are the links.
Egyptian Maus

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Genius hour

Image result for genius hour

That is what genuis hour is. You can do anything anything you are passionate
about or whatever you want to learn about. So when I was away on a trip I was thinking pretty much the whole time- what should my genuis hour qestion be? I thought about volcanic rocks that I had saw and suddely ping I thuoght of It. When I came back to school I told a friend of mine Evie my genuis hour idea and she, thought that was a good idea so now our genius hour, is a combined efoffet!! This is our genius hour question-

 Anyway here are the link to the slides and info doc
Lately we have had a double genuis hour session Which is just 2 genuis hours sandwiched together to make 2 hours And that worked out amazingly for some people like us but for some people like leon who had too much time and decided to help other people.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

TOP TEAM!!!!!!!!!


The other day we had this awsome thing called TOP TEAM!!

Top team is this thing when you get put into a random team of people and you get to do all sorts of cool active things like well look at the following!!!

Letter to myself

Letter to myself!

Image result for top secretThe other day we got told to write a letter to ourselves at the end of the term and we got a choice; to write it all on our blog of to keep it-
I decided to keep it all -
Image result for do not read thisSo their you are, sorry that you are not alowed to read it but here is the 


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Calander art !

So as you proberly know we do calander art and this time we get to do whatever we want to do so, I am going to do my own design which is this-    

But now I have updated it so that It looks like This-
So you can proberly see the difrence in them one , as you can see is pink and the other is white.

winter sports !

 Winter sports !

On a cold winter day after morning tea we have 
    Yes winter sports and I know that vollyball is a summer sport so I don't quite know what happend there when they chose the sports for them. Anyway so far we have done- Netball, Table tennis , vollyball , miniball and hocky. The ones we need to do are... Rugby and soccer and we are doing rugby on the mukcy bottem feild and I hope that  we are doing soccer on the tigerturf becuase I don't want to be to muddy.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Math with Holly !!

Hello again people and the other day we did some math with skech toy!! Here is the screen cast and the link.
Skech toy math with Holly

Wednesday, August 10, 2016



The other day we had the fisrt STEAMS for the tearm and My fisrt activerty was plane sailing and we were making templates for paper planes that slot togther to make a plane rowan and I were buddys and we made 3 planes:; one for Rowans brother dogal and one for her and one for me called cutipie ( cutie pie ) Then after morning tea I had you are what you eat and we learnt all about obesetiy and that NZ is the most obese contrey in the world as well of being one of the smalest in the world. Then we had Flubber which is a  science thing when you mixed water pva glue and some other things that made it go all hard and then we had made flubber!!( over there is a photo of my freinds )